MenuOptions - input masks combined with multi-column autocomplete

What it looks like:

alt text


                        npm install menuoptions
                                -- or --
                        git clone
(more detailed install instructions


Other benefits:

  • offers the ability to combine multi column autocomplete and input mask functionality

  • uses color highlighting to show autocomplete matches

  • it can utilize data from a variety of JSON types (array, array of arrays, single object, array of objects)

  • the value associated with the label string is saved in the input element automatically (in the menu_opt_key - no need to manually update a hidden field)


1 - MenuOptions documentation has been moved to ReadTheDocs

2 - It is strongly advised to use the latest release of MenuOptions, for latest features and bug fixes

Getting started with input masks

See the demo

                            "ClearBtn": true,
                            "Mask": "Mon DD, YYYY"
input mask

Getting started with a simple select list

See the demo

                    var Data = [ "January","February","March","April","May","June","July",
                                "August","September","October","November","December" ];

                        "Data": Data
simple select list example

Getting started with a simple menu

See the demo

                    var Data =  [ {"javascript": function() { alert('Run some javascript'); }},
                                {"Google": ""},
                                {"Yahoo": ""}];

                                "Data": Data,
                                "MenuOptionsType": "Navigate", // Navigate is for menus
simple menu example

Autocomplete with images

See the demo

autocomplete with images

Mouseover filtering with dividers

See the demo

mouseover with dividers

Dynamic reloading of a MenuOptions select list

See the demo

In this case, the user selects a start time and the end time will be modified to only display
the start time plus 1 hour and 30 minutes later

dynamic reload of MenuOptions select list

Using MenuOptions with jQuery's serialize

See the demo

If you load MenuOptions select list using an object, the value will be written into the 'menu_opt_key' attribute. jQuery's serialize will not pick up the value of a MenuOptions select list (menu_opt_key).

To account for this, wrap serialize() with re_serialize, like this:

                        $('input[name=maritalstatus]').menuoptions('re_serialize', $('form#form1').serialize());

Multiple select lists on a page demo

See the demo

This demo illustrates using the using multiple MenuOptions controls, including the rocker control

Multiple Selects